Bikers from other clubs showed up to ride for Candyman from all over the nation.

Today America’s bikers made history in a show of unity like never before. Manny ‘Candyman’ Rodriguez was gunned down by police in Waco Texas on May 17th. Today his memorial service was an astounding rainbow of colors from all over the nation as Bandidos, Hells Angels, Mongols, Vagos, dozens of red and gold support clubs, Christian bikers, vets, other clubs and independents amassed in a massive showing of support. It was a beautiful and amazing experienceto be a part of this mind blowing moment in biker history.. Perhaps what happened to you will not be in vain.. You may be the driving force behind a united front against threats like the Waco Police Department shooting then locking up innocent people.



  1. Bob meadows Says:

    Unity, is a direction that can change the face of the biker world! It’s up to every individual to make that decision ! But as a whole , that ripple effect can change world opinion of bikers !

    • IrishMick Says:

      I agree Bob and also change the world of a corrupt governments hidden lies. People would finally see in a world mass gathering of the real truth of what us outlaw bikers have stood for since day one when our press and govt decided to spread propaganda on leather clad Harley Riders who stood firm by the Constitution and our rights as individuals. People who were so polluted by the true thugs, theives, swindling rapists known as The United States Government will be in disbelief but I welcome them to our side for twas not their doing when blinded by Governmental Lies.

  2. LadyRavenSDC Says:

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  3. Invader Crash 1%'er Says:

    My condolences go out to the families and clubs who lost people in this massacre.
    Crash IMC

  4. […] “Manny” Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, Allen, Tx [aka “Candyman] [BMC?] died of gunshot wounds but the report did not specify where he was shot. Funeral Story […]

  5. agent provocateur Says:

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  6. Shocked!!

    • James Dozer Hollingsworth Says:

      Why are you shocked? You ever hear the phrase “The enemy of my enemy is my friend “? All M/Cs have a common foe (for lack of a better term ) and that is the majority of Police Officers in this country. And now LE has stepped way over the line and in doing so has given Bikers a huge reason to put aside their differences.

  7. Bob meadows Says:

    Bob meadows on May 30, 2015 at 8:25 pm
    Unity, is a direction that can change the face of the biker world! It’s up to every individual to make that decision ! But as a whole , that ripple effect can change world opinion of bikers !

  8. Nationwide Truce. Nationwide Protests. Nationwide Resistance.

  9. rightonray Says:

    this is the it should be. we need to work together for the good of all clubs. as the government comes down on we need to unite more often , not just when a tragedy like this happens

  10. Hawkeye Says:

    I think it’s great if all clubs came together instead of against eachother it would make all bike related movements much better

  11. Michelle Harris Harris Says:

    RIP LL&R

  12. I call bullshit on the Hells Angels being there, considering their standings with the Bandits and Monguls, unless they were there an club business.

    And fyi: the Banditos and Monguls have a pact- they’ve always backed each other soooo no big surprise there.

    ALSO, considering how much the Bandits hate their pictures being online-because that’s a cyber trail they can be tracked by- whoever took these photos might catch some heat.

    #stayinformed #stayunderradar

    • well, you are wrong. there are photos. hundreds of people were there and saw them all. i call bullshit on you.

      • Been saying this for over 35+ years. We are stronger as a force of one cooperative crew than e ever will be apart. If we stay separated by petty differences, we are done as M/C’s!! All the Clubs will never see everything eye to eye, but it has come to the point that we have to work with each other to survive.

      • HellGato Says:

        Good for you great blog and reporting sad this is not mainstream….. and actually unless you are a full MC patch holder you don’t make any Club policy for any supposed enemy or allies these things change all the time and is Club business. For normally hostile clubs to unite, especially for public perception, against a greater enemy we seen this before.

    • Whiskey Says:

      Man they were all there and sometimes u have to put certain differences to the side i had alot of friends there so if u dont mind no negativity right now are just dont say nothing at all please and thank you

    • brandon Says:

      It was on the news dumbass!!

    • Tiopirata 1%er Says:

      You are not a member of any of these clubs, you have no idea. Keep your cop mouth shut troll, show some respect or be taught some respect.

    • ProudBandidoOleLady Says:

      HA was there ….I was there.. So if you were not you have no right to “call” anything!! This was not bikers making history, this was normal biker “activity”!! This is the life of Love, Loyalty, and Respect that all biker clubs have in common. It isn’t the first time and it will never be the last. Not even sure if the person that wrote this article was present. So if not they can’t even talk of the true brotherhood that was shown here and at every other funeral that I have ever attended !!!

      • thank you ma’am. respects.

      • adam cmc Says:

        ML&R Rest Easy in Paradise!

        When it comes to a brother passing, Respect is Respect! It Does Not Matter What Club, Colors, Race, Nothing! A Fallen Brother is a Fallen Brother! We All Bleed the Same Color!

    • tj , I agree, from what I have seen the Mongols & Bandidos have always been there for each other.

      • well you are wrong.. angels were there.

      • I never said the HA weren’t there. All I said was the Mongols & Bandidos have a long standing friendship, so this is not a news flash. Pictures of both clubs enjoying each others true brotherhood are floating around everywhere, at least for the last 15 years. Especially at my house, I am the proud Ol’ Lady of a Mongol.

    • redandwhitetillidie Says:

      Actually just two weeks ago the Oakland VP of the ha was in Texas and has posted many pics with bandidos down in Texas while he and his friend were both in red and white cuts.

      Check out Scotty grow fan page on Facebook . the times are changing

    • rookery Says:

      you are sadly out of touch, stateside the bandidos and the HAMC have long had a respectful if maybe somewhat distant relationship. HAMC and Mongols history precludes much contact, but on a local level in places theres been some. Funerals have always been neutral territory so your talking through your ass..

    • Honeybadger75 Says:

      Yes sir YOU are wrong! My brother was there and there WERE Hells Angels. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    • bandido Jr j Says:

      Well they were there cuz I was
      Bandido Jr J 1%er Larete

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yea you are wrong, I was there, the HAs and the Mongols were both there. And there was no escaping the whole having your picture taken. There were cameras everywhere and a surveillance van across the street.

      #thinkbeforeyouspeak # youropinionisn’tfact

    • TJ, I’ll have to run up the BS Flag on that too! I’ve taken many photos of Bandits, even had them pose for some! Only one instance, where I was asked (politely) not to photograph one individual. Another instance I got some pics of a Bandit doing a “burnout” inside a bar. When he finish his “burnout” and got off his bike, he headed straight for me, I thought maybe I shouldn’t have been taking pics of the burnout. Hell, He just wanted to know where he could get copies. Meanwhile everyone else in the bar is gasping for breath form the smoke! This was not a biker bar!
      I know several Bandits, had em to my house for Christmas Dinner, never a problem. Always treated with the same respect, that I afford them.
      I feel certain, if a feller wanted to get x-threaded with them, it would be easy to do. It is just a respect thing!

    • Actually, the Oakland Chapter of the Angels was down in Texas last month riding alongside members of the Banditos… So anything is possible…

    • Jennifer Diaz Says:

      Call bullshit but it’s real!!

    • You can’t even spell Bandidos right….smh….lmafo…….deede’de

    • Lol my dad is a bandido and there were hell angels there he has pictures with them. sylb rip bandido candyman. It’s a red and gold world. ❤️💛

    • Dont open your pie hole on HA buisness since you are not a Brother ! Red and White WERE there !

    • Yes there was people from just about every club you can think of there. Listen in the end we are all Americans, and when a tragedy strikes we pull together. That is what Americans do. The differences in politics will always be set aside when something like this happens. It’s American.

  13. R.I.P Respect

  14. This is Exactly what this country needs, Bikers unite and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. Manny was a good friend and Brother, I will miss him dearly.

  15. Even here in Australia with friends across Patches… This was an out and out travesty against Bikers, Biker life style and associates. Time to forget damage from the annuls of time and unite as one…

  16. bury the hate with the dead and let thier sacrafice be the catalist to unite Bikers as it should be

  17. This is what I am about. It’s what I have always been about and what I always will be about! There is patch or color in my eyes that should devide loyalty, respect & unity amongst us!!

    • This is what I am about. It’s what I have always been about and what I always will be about! There is NO patch or color in my eyes that should devide loyalty, respect & unity amongst us!!

  18. Was There not a same fact before somewone said:

    ‘I had a dream’

  19. Rdmc Byrd Says:

    Unity is very important for all of us in the near future

  20. perno greenford Says:

    The powers that be are scared of united bikers as we would be able to control the vote of who gets in power as our numbers are that many we are over 50% of the population of voters when we stand side by side

    • And unite we need the power that it takes to run a besinness like the america that we are and the loyalty and respect we know ! Its time for ppl with the balls to retake our country back and let the majority rule not the traitor M-FER’S then and only then will we be free again …. I still see it tatoed on the four head of a man – Sput Nick !!! F R E E !!!
      It is time ••••R. I. P.••••
      And lord have mercy on the corrupted mind of the law who were saposta be able to trust and know were safe ? Not murdered in cold blood — then lied to – and we all know it , in and including the trigger pullers — be wear karma is a bitch and the gun & badge wont stop KA R M A !!

    • Exactly, take out the biggest threat first. Old school military strategy 101

  21. Bikers ain’t stupid they know they’re stronger in numbers

  22. Frans Fleischack Says:

    U go Brothers about time we stood together. Respect!

  23. filthyphil Says:

    We are not in texas yet but we will send brother’s to support a good cause such as thos anytime please keep us up .

    • thank you. these boys posed for photos. i’m not worrying about what folks say. 90 percent of the people who are bitching are NOT patchwearers following rumors. as a journalist i know that you all CAN give permission for photos for things such as toy runs, charity events, etc. L&R guys.

  24. Maria Donias Says:

    I am lost for words this is what its all about the love and respect of all the bikers out there…my brother who is a bandido would of loved to be there for his fallen brother but he had no choice, he is in Waco sitting in jail!

  25. This is what needs to take place to set the panthers on their ass for all the biker clubs to band to gather and he.p the police fight these ass that want to kill COPS, WHITE PEOPLE , black,Mexican,

  26. Love & Respect to all brothers & sisters out there..! No matter what gang u in as no matter what color u wear as all i see we all da same in one race in dis world is a Humans Planet Earth..! never judge.! Remember who out there in space is laughing at us.!

  27. Bikers and all that have the same tarnished belief that we still have rights and they still count the votes and not just tell us who won
    All that believe we are being raped on taxes the same taxes that we rebeled against
    All that believe that each and everyday they cut away at our rights taking more and more of our freedoms ,should unite, because they are preparing to march on us and we are the first that they want to take out of the equation

  28. We need to unite as one brotherhood. Lets not make the same mistake the native people made.

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    As long as I have been in the biker community…I haven’t seen anything like this. Without rioting and looting bikers have demonstrated their unity and love existing among one another. This behavior makes me proud to be a BIKER!

  30. Gil Guerra Says:

    Incredible!!! That’s What We Need – Unity

  31. Gil Guerra Says:

    That’s What We Need – Unity

  32. Bob Smith Says:

    YA this is a very big show of respect for a fallen bicker when other bikers from other clubs come and show RESPECT from their clubs and the power in numbers and show support for the ones that wrongly held so LIVE LONG & RIDE HARD & RIDE FREE CANDYMAN AND FELLOW BIKERS

  33. Packrat Says:

    Take a hint from the Native Americans,there were powerful tribes that fought each other and never joined together to defeat the whites,except once Lakota,Cheyenne, and Arapaho warriors kicked Custers ass.If all clubs united along with independents we would be a force to be taken seriously and maybe get the respect we deserve

  34. Father Paul Lemmen Says:

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  35. Maj. Richard M. Cole, USAF (Ret.) Says:

    Help free the Waco Bikers! Sign the petition at:

  36. My peace be with them, bike groups are families. They may squabble, but when push comes to shove the rally as families do.
    My God Bless you all

  37. R.I.P. Brother! God Bless you all. ❤

  38. KareLin LaBar Says:

    America is watching…. and the vast majority of American’s believe in the goodness of men and women on bikes! Both my fathers were Angels and …. to see groups of bikes ride through my town is nostalgic and beautiful. Those of us out here watching… send love and support to all bikers! And we hope that this tragedy brings great bureaucratic change to policies regarding police procedure and excessive use of force! On the outside looking in…. it looks like an ambush right from the beginning. Just my opinion… someone I care about was involved and I’ve watched closely as this has unfolded. It’s a travesty and all American’s should be outraged!

  39. Rhonda C Says:

    Proud ❤

  40. RIP … With all Respect. It’s easy to know now; it’s time for total unity among all Bikers. MC’s United Worldwide!

  41. Much love and respect to the club’s coming together to pay respect for the life lost in the sense less tragdy! I’m not surprised having been to other events where everyone came together for a cause! Its always the negative thats published by media rarely the positive! RIP Candyman and love and prayers for his family and his Brothers.

  42. Ed Martin Says:

    Sputnic started it in Texas, the Democratic Convention years back had to go to the bikers to get policies past for that year,scared them ever since

  43. Unity is key…i have never understood no matter whos patch we wear as strong family oriented as we are as bikers need to fight each other… We all love the life style, and as many of us as their are we are the largest army on the planet and their is no end to what we can accomplish as a whole…. R.i.p. comrade… Peace be with you…

  44. as usual the cops have accomplished the exact opposite of what they were trying to accomplish HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  45. Sindysin Says:


  46. We should all stand together and call on the governor of Texas to investigate this slaughter of human beings by so called police ! There should be a national outcry among all people who ride on two wheels to the Texas attorney General for a full on investigation of this sheriff and all the LE participants , ( it was not a gun battle ! It was a slaughter !!! ) . All the major clubs have enough cash flow and power to hire a very high powered lawyer to bring this LE up on charges , I have called my congressman and complained! And told him the the constitutional rights of free people have been violated , ( the right to assemble ) . Hee looking into it , but if everyone called their congressman and nagged then then there would be enough talk about it that the system would have to do something , to that sheriff so as to satisfy us the biker communities ! Just a thought !

  47. RIP Brother.

  48. Right On !!! The last thing cops want is “unity” amongst bikers ; essentially , we are all on the same page…Right on to all bikers worldwide..UNITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I feel ALL BIKERS should be on in UNITY!!! Just for the sake of feeling free when you’re on your two’s or three’s makes a united front!!! All the rivalries and bickering between the different clubs, gangs or whatever label you what to use should be elimanated and let the past be EXACTLY THAT: THE PAST!!! Bikers already get a bad rep because of their lifestyle and get labeled for NO GOOD REASON, especially from the POLICE AND THE UNEDUCATED about the MC WORLD!!! Many people I know and love are very successful in the employment department, some are retired military some just ride for the love of riding!!! I pray today tragic gathering starts a NEW ERA OF UNITY, RESPECT & UNDERSTANDING for ALL BIKERS, and can go back to the era of everyone supporting each other in a NON-LETHAL, NON-VIOLENT ATOMSPHERE!!!!! GOD BLESS EVERY BROTHER AND SISTER BIKER FROM ALL RACES IN LOVE AND RESPECT FOR THIS FALLEN RIDER!!!! 🙏👼

  50. Queenie Says:

    Not all of the major 1%er clubs were there. Truce? Not hardly. Minding their manners for the day? Yup. Unity of the clubs is a pipe dream. You won’t be seeing any truce between the B&W world and the 81. Take that to the bank.

  51. Blackie Says:

    Like a snowball coming down the side of a snow covered mountain ….. it quickly became a Huge Avalanche!

  52. Manny Rodriguez is my dad I would really appreciate if all negative comments were lept to themselves. I lost my dad he was so young only 40yrs old. It sucks losing my dad I didn’t even get to make him a Grandpa yet nor did he get the chance to me graduate from college. I miss him oh so much. RIP my guardian angel. I LOVE YOU DAD!!

  53. Bikers have strong beliefs especially 1%ers. May all the fallen bikers r.i.p. I was a patched ole lady….GOD BLESS THEM ALL. .Harleygirl, OHIO

  54. Just another way for the government to put us on a list to be attacked.. F–k Em. Try it assholes…

  55. Robert Greve Says:

    That’s a brotherhood that regardless of colors, that can’t be broken. I’m glad to see everyone pull together.

  56. Brent hupp Says:

    This right here is what feds fear…….

  57. America better wake up!
    Most of us Bible Thumpers know what’s happening and believe it or not those that ride do too! When you can get 800,000 bikers to ride to DC to protest the Muslims organizing there last year on 09/11 and did it in a few weeks! That scares those setting up marshal law for the destruction of our constitutional republic. They are ruining our military leadership and taken out anyone who is x military that can train folks in the art of war!

  58. We need to stop this sort of abuse from people that have power, this needs to stop? I so amazed that all these bikers became as one for the funeral, just goes to show you that this is very possible to live in peace and to start to work together, and this will make a force that will be hard to be broken, also it really shows solidiarty with the bikers from all walks of life, people are really getting sick and tired of being abused from people in power, just a matter of time, karma!!

  59. Nicely done My condolences to the families and friends of our fallen brothers

  60. Bobby reese Says:

    United we stand united we will fall.brothers lets band together we would be alot stronger in what we do.

  61. Rae Ann Baughn Says:

    Not all bikers are bad. Cops sometimes jumps there guns. We are don’t bad. But we are sending or prayers out to the family’s and friends. Of those who lost love one’s.

  62. Donna Samz Says:

    This literally brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. This show of unity in the face of such adversity and in the name of justice is by far the most bravest and patriotic thing I’ve ever witnessed. This is what it means to be an American home of the free and the brave. God bless each and everyone of those willing to set aside differences and bitter rivalries to make a stand for civil liberties and personal rights. Now that’s somethin I’m willing to support. POGRMC_KY_ED

  63. Audrey Bonora Says:


  64. Epic fail. They tried to divide and concur, yet the small force they was so afraid of. Has only grown and multiplied and came together like never before in history.

  65. I am so proud of every Biker that showed for their fellow Biker,,,no matter what his colors are. All the clubs in my area come together for events that help our community or maybe just individuals that need help. I see that it can be the case everywhere and the public needs to see that. RIDE ON MY BROTHERS AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  66. Chad Rhino Says:

    You have your rules. We have ours. It’s a life we have chosen for a reason. It’s a freedom you can’t imagine. That’s why we we represent 1% of society.

  67. We in south africa would like to extend our deepest sympathy to those who were murdered. Our hearts go out to the familys, friends and loved ones. May God bless and comfort you for the rest of your days

  68. ABC motorcycle ministry of Beloit Ohio
    Rip my friend

  69. Bffb LL&R

  70. Sunshine Says:

    I believe that all the tension between the clubs {Hells Angeles, Mongols, Pagans & Banditos} was started by the police. I believe that the police have killed members of certain clubs wearing colors of another club just to start the war between the clubs. You are asking yourself how did the police obtain a rival clubs colors? Think about it all they have to do is arrest a club member and confiscate their colors and then bingo they can pass them self off in a crowd as a club member

  71. Which is why police suck. Sorry that’s my opinion. However I do believe this is the 1st time I’ve. Heard of this

    • don’t forget that the Feds faked the murder of a Mongol to infiltrate the Hells Angels using a real Mongol patch.

    • after the irs and the draft board and the eminent domain evicters and the jury duty mailing staff, cops are the lowest form of government life.

  72. Don Bandy Says:

    I am glad all could come together for this to right this wrong…..

  73. Pay attention folks. This could be the start of a beautiful world. If all the 1%ers ever got together with all their support clubs and independent supporters and started all voting the same way. They could change the dynamics of this country. Just sayin

  74. I think what you guys all did was amazing. To see all the clubs gather together like that must have been an awe inspiring moment in time. I wish i could have been there to have been a part of it and to pay my respects. I love the biker community, whether you’re a veteran, a 1%er, an outlaw, angel, choice, vagos, nomad, christian, lone wolf or just a bike enthusiast… this moment in time will never be forgotten nor ignored. This show of unity among all of us who share the love of loud engines, wind at our backs, sun on our face, and the never ending stretch of freedom beneath our tires, is the most powerful and moving display of respect i have ever seen. MLAR to all my bothers and sisters of the road… I am now, and will always be, my brother/sister’s keeper.

  75. wishbone Says:

    Dale County Predators extend our sincere condolences and prayers

  76. It’s 1 simple word “RESPECT”! To bad most of the chargers will never understand the awesome meaning behind this funeral!

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    The Mongols and Hell’s Angels are represented in this… Seems the Feds may be trying to get people to be stupid and all charge the District… they could then use the military to kill them all in one foul swoop…

    PLEASE consider hit and run forces within your communities and drive the FEDS back to DC where they belong! THEN surround the bastards from a position of strength.…/americans-fighting-for-t…/…/destroying-the-enemies-of-fre…/

    The police cooperate with the Feds… remove those attacking you and then go after their chain of command. Fight smart…

  78. thank you Candyman, what a terrible loss….. but brother you would be proud of the outcommings from it … deepest respects and sympathies to the family . ride in peace

  79. Thank you for the well written article and the pictures.
    We were overwhelmed with the show of support from all present, especially the other 1%ER clubs.

    Bandido ChopperDan 1%ER
    National Sec-Treas

    • Sad seeing this happen.. it’s comforting seeing all the club’s come together as 1.. much respect to all and hope everyone involved can find peace after yalls loss

    • You are a God send Chopper Dan God Bless you.

    • i was overwhelmed, too. i don’t know that i caused any of that, but when i think about how it was those first few days, I think maybe i contributed a little. it sure means a lot to me to hear from you.. love n respect, sir. you guys make it all worthwhile.

      • Thank you too my Dear, we sincerely appreciate everyone’s support and prayers.
        Keep posting.
        Also, FYI they (DPS) arrested one of our Brothers returning from funeral, in El Paso, for being a gang member in possession of a fire arm. He has a CHL (concealed hand gun license), so do I and many of my Brothers. So we will be fighting that as well.


      • i am too shocked to write that those people released that.. that.. whatever it is out to the American people and are trying to pass that off as testimony or details or.. or anything? it looks like homework from am 5th grade remedial class?

    • Bandido Chopper Dan you are a God send to every one please keep up the great work. God Bless you Love, Loyalty And Respect.

  80. There were many clubs that came together for the goodbye for Candyman ! I am in one of the pictures attached to this article , the pictures were NOT staged.

  81. Brad CHAOS Songer Says:

    HOPEFULLY this is the start of some GOOD and peace.

  82. Patricia Says:

    this is so moving to me God yes we are blessed

  83. Fight the law with the law I hope you and your clubs bankrupt waco my prayers to all familys evolved Rip

  84. Paul Roberts Says:

    It’s a Shame we have to Deal with Things that the Biker World has Dealt with in the past 2 weeks and he will be G.B.N.F. My Respects goes out to the Red and Gold nation……………….

  85. Doc Dunker Says:

    Biker Lives Matter

  86. […] оригінал статті тут Для того, хто не читав статтю, або не розуміє англійської, то в статті сказано про похорон одного з членів клубу Bandidos, Manny ‘Candyman’ Rodriguez, який був застрелений копами в техасі 17 травня. На похорон в знак поваги зівбралось багато учасників різних клубів, які навіть ворогували між собою […]

  87. This is how traditional America used to be. It was a tragedy in Waco and should have never happened. I hate to cop bash, but, the facts are they have gotten to big for their own britches and I pray that every and all people who ride a 2 or 3 wheeled vehicle will recognise that the time to put past differences away and all of us unite in working on a common goal is now, or else we are going to lose this country, and the police are going to get more and more corrupt and have already publicly stated anyone on a bike is their enemy. Signed by The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation.

  88. I am gratified to see this show of solidarity among clubs of all persuasions! It’s about time we all stood together against our common enemy. Long may it continue! L&R to all!

  89. R.I.P. Brothers and Sisters of the road! God Bless all Bikers!

  90. Respect for them. RIP and Prayers.


  92. Rapp dirty easy riders Mc louisiana Says:

    All bikers outlaw or whatever have a unity with each other that no one have or understand in the biking world rip my brothers who died in waco! I’m

  93. God Bless you all for doing this. I realize that each club has rules and regulations but to come together during a tragic event like this shows that bikers of all kinds do care and have respect.

  94. When our family got gunned down by the police we join forces for the important and much needed service. We won’t get knocked down not 1% of us

  95. Sincere condolences to Families and Friends of those that were murdered by the PIGS! RIP.

  96. IrishMick Says:

    I can’t help but laugh at some of the uneducated bullshit I’m reading from some mouths on here and get pissed as hell at the same time. Its obvious who is knowledgeable and speaks facts from experience and who the “tv show” intellects are.
    For those of you who are spouting off without living the REAL lifestyle that myself and droves of others have you should know this……”Its you ignorant people who “assume” what you see and hear on TV or on the street is facts and there’s no way the press or your “Government in control” would steer you or mislead you in anyway.
    You’re all sad sheep who are victims of the LARGEST MAGIC SHOW ON EARTH, or as I like to refer to it ad “Gov’t Copperfield”.
    My only point of this is I AM a TRUE BIKER living and breathing the public definition of such. Im a damn proud and loyal associate to 1% ERS and can boastly tell you I don’t puke a single word out of my mouth unless I know 100% of the facts by experience first hand. And even then I only believe 1/2 of what I saw, nothing that I heard and speak NOTHING of what I know.
    These are 3 things you Cable TV armchair outlaws should live by. The outcome would amaze you! Gossip and fabricated lies would eventually crave to exist. But there isn’t a perfect world nor am I, but you ” mouth spewers” know who you are, and hope you keep in mind that as you watch and not live what’s happening, only means that the breath and energy you just wasted sounding like a jackass with false info or dilusional thoughts of what happened you will never get back. So use that time a little better in getting to KNOW your facts.


    Can’t people just ride there bikes and shut up. Why doing the gang and wear the leather and all that bullshit. We get it Bikers gangs are cool and your apart of something. That something is meaningless in the scope of life. Its a fucking bike

    • Special kind of stupid, are you?

    • Roxanne Says:

      Why are you even posting on here! You say its a f***ing bike but let me tell you when hurricane Katrina hit and hit us hard the only way we could get recused was someone on a bike when my husband and I were hit dead on by some drunk drive in a car a bike pulled me from under saved my life stayed with me when they pulled half my husbands body out so you don’t know shit about a bike OR THE BIKER COMMUNITY YOU SHOULDNT EVEN POST HERE ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT CAUSE SHIT IN THE WORLD SO SHUT YOUR TRAP…. R.I.P candyman and all my respect for the brothers/sister bikers out there stay strong stay safe much respect…..akaswwetkittyiam


    Not calling these Group of Bikers “Gangs” and having to call then “Clubs” is just as bad as the media not calling protesters “Thugs”

  99. Just shows the “biker thugs” have bigger hearts & more respect than the murderers with badges getting away with this bs

  100. […] breaking news… rival bike clubs unite to show their respect at a … […]

  101. Respect………..

  102. I have seen some of the comments on many other “news” broadcasts and am sick to my stomach at how Americans have turned on other Americans. I have never been an official member of any club and distance myself from the politics of the many clubs. My opinion is anyone on 2 or 3 wheels face the same road hazards as I do, and that makes us all brothers and sisters on the road. Anyone if half the mentality of a 6th grader can clearly see our government has run out of control for too long and it is time we ALL start acting like responsible Americans and put the bridle back on the stallion. I pray for all 9 people killed, the 18 injured, and the 170+ that was arrested. God please help us all, because our government sure isn’t going to. Please start calling your representatives and politely express your displeasement of these actions. But in the same breath never be afraid to a call to arms so we can save this country from the evils within. Amen and God Speed. Keep the rubber side down and I love you all.

  103. its tragic that this happened but bikers are no different than any other organized club….and yes they can ALL come together in times of need…bikers are great people and they deserve to have good press not just negative…and wacco should have to pay for this…I’m a biker and I’d trust a biker before anyone else

  104. Condolences to Candymans family and friends 1%er England. UFFU

  105. Judith Sandoval Says:


  106. This is Our Country! Keep up the Unity! Life is short! Be good to make good! Our children will suffer if we don’t get control now! Amen Guys! God Bless!

  107. My fianceMarty Louis was also locked up. He is very innocent. He is a real great man and he should be set free as soon as possible. Shame on the cops for locking up Bandidos they are fine people.

  108. power in number’s..

  109. My condolences…..

    Any red blooded American with at least half a brain has to be disgusted and outraged with what happened in Waco.

    The irony is that bikers in general are the most patriotic and trustworthy people in the country.

    Those in Waco acting under the “color of law” should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, they’re the real “gangs”….

  110. Thankyou so much ChoperDan. I leave Monday going to Florida to go to work for a few weeks. Then I am going to be in Texas. Sincerely Donut P/S Donut has been my nick name all my life . Have a nice weekend.

  111. Dear Amy , Thank you so much for letting write on your blog. Not only is my sweet heart locked but also one of Bandido Brothers. I believe with all my heart and soul everyone will be free soon. A person stands taller on their knees praying just saying. Have a nice weekend. Donut

  112. I send deepest condolences to all of those and pray for comfort and tears that be shed unite us and shield us. God protect my Biker Families all across this once great nation. As the rally gears up in Waco today, I ask Father to protect them as the ride. Long Live Freedom. GFFG

  113. The photos are amazing thank you for sharing them. My heart swells with pride seeing so many from so far away !

  114. Hedgehogfred. Says:

    Unity is the most powerful weapon of resistance.
    “United we stand, devided we fall”

    Hedgehog, Rebels MC. England.

  115. Oh sorry Rocky and whoever else “called me out”, I actually have a life and don’t troll blogs looking to argue with ignorant people.
    Fyi: I’m a She not a He.

    I work with lots of bikers and know sometimes things are just for show to get media and police off their backs. Just like I’ve seen some of those MCs running illegal merchandise through the back roads of my town, just like I know two MCs pictured here clashed in another town in Texas, but media didn’t cover it. Its old news.
    Pictures say a thousand words, but we can make them say whatever we want.
    Get a life dude.
    Quit trollin.

  116. Most people are blind to the fact that the powers that be jump up and down blaming all the problems on us to take the focus away from their self serving corrupt lives.
    Now we band together to show how we serve the common good better than they do…
    Without expectations of anything in return.
    Many of us have served in the armed forces and carry that legacy into civilian life.

  117. Big Rose Martinez Says:

    Wat happen was wrong and candyman will forever be missed and now his riding in heaven

  118. We MUST be united against our corrupt self serving government.

  119. Frankie ninvolt Says:

    R.I.P Candyman !!!!! Filthy Mad Dogs Brooklyn NYC

  120. united bikers need to unite with ranchers such as the Bundy’s, Hammonds, etc.. who are also being killed and imprisoned by killer kops now in Burns, Oregon.

    • Yes you are very correct. Truckers also, if you remember the truckers was the first to have our backs up in Washington DC. They surrounded DC and shut down the city, plus there is a long standing dislike between truckers and Washington.
      I have been following the Bundy family and used to email with Ammond Bundy until the Federal judge refused his bond. And the execution of Hammond is down right bullshit. The cops are getting away with murder everyday. Hell down here in Texas, Waco to be accurate, They killed all 9 of them people and injured 20 others, then arrested all 170 witnesses and brought them up on phony charges. Myself and others sent letters to the Governor and Lt. Governor with no response. When I called JP Morgan the Justice of the Peace whom signed the arrest warrants illegally and asked under what jurisdiction he acted, he told me to come to Waco so he could make me disappear. I tell many people don’t like me saying it but I am dam ready to get this revolution underway and get a little American revenge on a few dozen political figures and public servants. None of them I know personally but have seen their corruption from afar and they need correcting.

    • I agree. If motorcycle clubs and ranchers united, and invited some truckers and all veterans clubs and groups, then we could start taking back America. We are under siege by these rogue killer cops and and run away Congress, and it only adds confusion/separation by those whom chose to make up excuses instead of stick to our binding Constitution. I am not saying that all police officers or Congressmen/women are bad, but by them standing by and allowing the bad ones to continue to go on out of control, then it makes even the good ones in the wrong, and just as guilty as the bad ones. .The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation.

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