More Shady Dealing in Texas….

Last night El Paso cops harrassed another CoC meeting, but thankfully didn’t murder anyone.


In other news, Waco finally made Yahoo news. I guess Kim and Bruce didn’t have any vaginal secrets to disclose today.. This reporter seems a bit shocked by the incompetency of the cops. HAHAHAHAHA I’m not.


The Waco cops  are now refusing to disclose the information by law required to be given to the public. They refuse to release a video from another restaurant, and have yet to mention the dash cam video they have that shows the whole thing.  Their personal vendetta against the Bandidos is completely obvious, and utterly without cause. The misinformation they have fed the media is so far biased, in the wrong way, that it would be laughable if lies weren’t lost and at stake. For instance, Why did they brag about the Cossacks “canceling a ride at their request” but posted warnings about the Bandidos riding across Texas to start an all scale war, om Memorial Day weekend…  when it fact the Bandidos were riding right on past Waco and down to Gulfport, Mississippi to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of America.

Note in this article how they humanize the Cossack and demonize the Bandido? This has been par for the course for almost three weeks now.

One could argue that maybe they just happened to have Cossacks willing to give statements, except for this OTHER little issue they have tried to sweep under the rug. Four Cossacks led credence to the rumors they were attempting to earn their 1% diamond in a really messed up way, because they beat down a former prospect in the parking lot of a Porter’s Thriftway Grocery in Andrews, Texas. The News reports that they were charged with criminal activity.. none of them are in the Texas penal system records, however. They also were posting on Facebook within one day of that situation happening. I sure would like to know where those four were on Sunday.. I also really would like to know why this beat down incident wasn’t splashed all over the news, especially after Twin Peaks.

image image image image

Completely outrageous lies about everything from retribution to bombs have been widely broadcast throughout the internet, lies that endanger the lives of bikers all over the country… .Because whether people realize it or not, the chance of a some trigger happy cop hopping out of a hiding place if he raised his voice, or parking in a parking lot and some old lady jumping out and giving him a bite of lead just because she thinks he looks scary, that has multiplied about a hundred fold. Cops in Texas have put a hit on the Bandidos, if any hits are put out on anyone. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read through the slanted reporting and blown out of proportion fear baiting rhetoric. Take a good look at the photos from the arrest. Those are citizens of the United States of America having to pay Those cops, politicians and citizens for this humongous obstruction of justice and basic human rights. in that town should be ashamed of themselves, as should the ACLU who wont return anyone’s calls. As for the American people, all of you keep sitting home sharing Jade Helm theories while esteemed citizens of these United States languish away in an overpriced rent by the hour jailhouse. If you want to be all about Jade Helm, think about how easily those cops got the drop on the bikers because the state was told not to pay attention to military vehicles. I have to admit, its hard NOT to think that in light of the blatant miscarriages of justice going on when a restaurant and a VFW hut aren’t safe from trigger happy, gangtser cops. Something is seriously wrong when the President is emptying Gitmo of terrorists while cops are murdering and kidnapping and financially hobbling vets to lessen an inmate shortage in Texas.If this was in fact some sort of exercise by Jade Helm, you failed, America. you have allowed the gangster cops to kill, kidnap, and demand blackmail level exorbitant bonds from your second level of defense in this nation.. veterans and bikers.


3 Responses to “More Shady Dealing in Texas….”

  1. More truths have never been spoken. It’s the Police who are looking for war. Bikers, vets, Christians, Gun Owners. The police have become the criminal. Shooting one unarmed person after another and never being held accountable. “As I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil..”


  2. jean bess Says:

    I am so pleased to read the statement given by the Bandits attorney.. I totally agree that all bikers have a target on their backs and just depends on who wants to be big and bad enough… This is bullshit from day 1… and I do and always will SYLB!!!!

  3. George Dyer Says:

    I knew when I heard President George Bush SR Mention (NEW WORLD ORDER )
    in one of his speeches that it was the beginning of the end of our Country. We have consistently had our rights taken away by Greedy Politicans and law makers who don’t give a Damn about anything but lining there pocketbooks.
    Now we come to present day with a President who arbitrarily does as he pleases
    without any concerns for the people of this country. He is a devout Muslim who
    wants our Country to collapse and have complete control over it’s citizens. Waco
    being just the beginning of things to come if we don’t come together and get these
    People out of office or
    We’ re Doomed.
    Sincerely. George Dyer

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