The Disgusting Friends of the Washington Harley Dealer

I received a phone call from a former employee of Tom Moorehead, owner of the Harley Dealership hosting the Justice or Else Rally by Louis Farrakhan, where he is calling for black people to rise up and against everything from the American flag to government issues to Black Lives Matter and police complaints, all to his ever press chants of chants of ‘Kill All the White People.’… He had quite the story for me to share with you guys..


Louis is bussing in black people from all over America and claiming injustice for every minority from Hispanics to the American Indian… I’m not sure te old bastard isn’t running for president.

He has all sorts of support in the every faction of the black community.. Religion to rap.


Will & Jada Smith donated $150,000.. I made a crack the other day when they left Scientology that they must be converting to Niglam.


The Harley Davidson dealership owners, Thomas & Joyce Moorehead, claimed naivety at the intentions of the racist event, and declared it would be cancelled… Their posts on Facebook make their statements appear to be false, however.  Let’s take a look at a little background first….


Yesterday a post circled on facebook that was an advertisement from The Justice or Else Ride advertising where to rent Harley’s for the event.. It’s been removed from the internet completely. There is this message circulating though the patriot bikers, as well. It pertains to last week’s conference call.

Last night myself and a handful of other individuals obtained information on an informational/Organizational phone call for those planning the 10/10/2016 “Justice Or Else 20th Anniversary Of the million Man March In Washington D.C. with Minister Luis Farrakhan.
The information below details what we heard before during and after that call, and we feel is information you need to be made aware of. Whether you opt to inform your people or take action is entirely your call, but collectively we feel based upon the nature of the call and what was said, as well as left unsaid but was implied is cause for serious alarm on a great many levels.
For our safety and that of our families, we wish to remain anonymous except to certain trusted individuals who are well acquainted with us,as individuals and leaders, our goals, our integrity, and our reputations for not disseminating information based upon hearsay or rumor, nor sounding alarms when it is not justified.
We called in approximately five minutes prior to the call starting and listened as members called in and identified themselves. Individuals from all over the country were represented, some of whom openly identified themselves as members of the Black Panthers.
Casual discussion was kept minimal except for those inquiring as to whether others were present on the call or not.
The call began with an innocuous enough description of the the event, which went on for a few minutes until an individual interrupted and took over the call. This individual was clearly agitated and was speaking with breathless excitement, so much so that it was often quite difficult to understand what he was saying.
He told those on the call that hotels in Washington were filling up and they and their members should act quickly to secure rooms and camping spaces before they ran out.
He then began discussing bikers groups from L.A. who were planning to attend, and discussing how instrumental these individuals are because they hold tremendous influence over the gangs in L.A. and across the country.
He then went on to backtrack slightly by saying they were not going planning violence, however there were groups planning to attend like the Black Panthers who were, and would be there in uniform and armed and ready.
They maintained that the meet up place remained Harley Davidson of Washington D.C. but that they were also working on finding additional meet up places and would post them when they were secured.
They maintained that all Bikers attending would be asked to park their bikes in front of the stage, and they (the bikers) would be given front row accommodations for the speakers and guests as well as special events being planned for them around the city over the course of the weekend. (They would be the first line of defense for those on stage should something happen)
There was a brief question and answer period in which several questions of little importance were asked.

There is another conference call scheduled for tonight..


The conference calls are headed up by a man named Anderson ‘Andy’ Morgan, the general manager at the dealership…


Andy’s insinuating Facebook post hints that he is indeed still working behind the scenes.. It’s obvious his comrades see it the same way.



Andy’s Facebook


Andy, or A-Rod, is a member of the Flaming Knights MC…


The Flaming Knights are an old predominantly black club in the area.. The (rather poorly) bio from their website is as follows:

The Flaming Knights Motorcycle Club started in the garage of Leroy Bolden aka King dragon, 110 Hurlburt St. (1st Club House) in New Haven, Ct., April 27 1968. When they first lit the first fire it was because of brotherhood, the Iron and the Road. The 2nd Club House was on Dagget St, 3rd club House was on west st (corner on West St. and Congress Ave), 4th was on Ella Grasso Blvd The 5th isat Chazmo Cafe on Dixwell Ave.The name FLAMING KNIGHTS came from the way the fellowswere promiscuous with the ladies, so since they thought they werehot it was suggested by their ladies,that they call themselves FLAMING KNIGHTS.If you want to put names to the several of the faces of Farrakhan’s Washington DC planning party, you have to look no farther than the Membership list of Flaming Knights…

I’m not certain if Thomas Moorehead wears a patch or is just a supporter.. But he’s a BIG supporter…
HDDC Hosts Flaming Knights

It seems that Moorehead and the Flaming Knights VP A-Rod entered into some sort of business agreement that resulted in him getting a nice cushy job as General Manager of the Harley Dealership…check out this article from Throttle Life Magazine.

Flaming Knights – Washington, DC Chapter is celebrating its second annual Community Day with the new ownership of the Harley Davidson of Washington, DC., 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 21 at the dealership, located at 9407 Livingston Road, Ft. Washington, MD. The event will feature a live band featuring Swamp Dog, a variety of local vendors, a motorcycle swap meet, food and giveaways.

This collaboration between the Flaming Knights and the new management at the HD dealership Washington marks the start of a new era in the area. The dealership was recently purchased by Thomas A. Moorehead, one of few minority HD owners in the country. Moorehead and his management team have made a commitment to improve the location and reach out more to the community.

“We want to become the people’s choice store for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Service and Apparel,” said Carroll Stewart, (HD Management). “We want to hear the needs and the concerns of the community because we are determined to use that feedback to grow this location and build a reputation not only with the variety of models but also with exemplary customer service.”

This is just one of the events in which the Flaming Knights’ DC chapter participates in order to give back to the community. The club also has a yearly blanket drive, turkey giveaway, toy drive for children and most recently adopted a section of Indian Head Highway in Fort Washington, MD.

“Our goal is to make a difference in our community and improve the perception of motorcycle clubs,” said Anderson Morgan (A-ROD), vice president of the Flaming Knight’s DC chapter. “We are honored to work with Mr. Moorehead and the new management at the Harley Davidson of Washington. We believe this is just the beginning of the positive partnerships we will see coming from the dealership and the local community.”

For more information, call Anderson Morgan, Vice President Flaming Knight Washington DC 240-882-3078.

Farrakhan claims this club is pairing up with other clubs for this event, including the Afro Dogs MC…

Our goal is to bring our community together by working with everyone in our community to strenghten our community, we will focus hard on the youth of our community believing that “ONE CHILD REACHED IS ONE LESS FOR THE STREETS”. We intend to promote a positive image of the motorcycle world instead of the negative stereotype that has plagued motorcycle clubs & our community for to long. Afro Dogs Motorcycle Club has been around for more than 30 years founded in Detroit Michigan in the early 70s by a group of men dedicated to making a differance in there community during a very difficult time in our history. The Youngstown chapter was formed shortly after by men who were dedicated to the same purpose in our community. Men such as Diamond, Crazy Leg, Double Trouble, Stray, K-9, Bo Hog, etc,and the list goes on paved the way for us to be here some 30 years later. Although we have had some bumps in the road we will continue the mission you started some 30 years ago. Much Love & Respect to all that has proudly worn the “RED BLACK & GREEN”. WE RIDE

Besides the Harley dealership, Moorehead owns Sterling BMW..

Moorehead Dealership Background 

(This dealership seems to be the flagship of his foundation.)

They mention the Rolls Royce dealership a lot too, while they don’t say too much about the Harley shop…

Moorehead ‘Moving on Up’ from

The world of Rolls Royce dealerships is a rarefied one – only 38 exist in North America and 121 in the entire world. Thomas Moorehead joined that exclusive fraternity last December when he opened his franchise in Virginia, becoming the first African American to do so. “It took a lot of hard work,” said the 69-year-old entrepreneur of the accomplishment and his other thriving businesses.
It also required perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. “I move ahead and do whatever I can to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes,'” he said of his approach.
There were many ‘Nos’ in Moorehead’s life.
Born and reared in poverty in Monroe, La., Moorehead was the eldest of five children. Business was always something he wanted to do, but, at the time, education was the accepted career path. “We don’t have any money, son. So the best thing you can do is move up and become a principal and, if that happens, you would have arrived,” Moorehead recalled his grandfather – who raised him – saying.”But I told him it was what I wanted to do and I would work very hard to make that dream come true.”
His grandfather replied, “If you’re going to go into business, then, sell things that people will need. They always have to eat, they always have to sleep and they always have to drive. If you get into business with one of those things you may be successful.”

Moorehead attended Grambling State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1966. In 1971, he earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan. From 1972-1988, Moorehead worked as an analyst at Mobile and Chrysler Corps, and as director of Community Services at the University of Michigan, where he was pursuing his doctorate.
It was during that time James Bradley, then-principal owner of the Bradley Automotive Group and Moorehead’s fraternity brother from Kappa Alpha Psi, urged him to join the car business.
Moorehead sold cars for a year, then paid $65,000 – money he earned rehabbing and selling houses – to enter General Motors’ dealership training program, which immersed trainees in every aspect of the business from service to sales and administration. Moorehead was the first graduate of the program, and in 1988, opened his first automobile dealership, Sentry Buick/Isuzu in Omaha, Neb. In 1995, he sold the Omaha operation and purchased a franchise in Decatur, Ill., which he operated as Moorehead Buick-GMC until 2000 when he was awarded a BMW franchise.

“By 2025, with the ‘browning’ of America, we would like to see more of our people in the manufacturing and dealership aspects of the industry instead of just being consumers,” Moorehead said.

As told on

On the surface, Tom and Joyce seem to be a shining example of black people doing good in America…

About the Mooreheads

That is of course, until you look into their backgrounds. Notice in that story that it says Moorehead opened his first dealership in Omaha, Nebraska? In 1988… Be sure and read up on the other things happened that year…

Well, Tom had this friend in Omaha named Larry E. King, Jr. Larry was a big wig in the Franklin Credit Union in the same town where Tom got his start.. According to this employee who called me, Larry allegedly was Tom’s banker in Omaha years ago. Well, Larry just happened to be involved in the Nebraska political circuit. He started out Democrat but soon decided that being a Republican Senator would serve the black community outreach better. Well ol Larry, he ran into a bit of trouble in Nebraska. So much trouble that he wound up in jail…. But, he got out.

Franklin Figure Lawrence King Leaves Prison After 10 Years
– Apr 11, 2001 –
Omaha World-Herald

Franklin Figure Lawrence King Leaves Prison After 10 Years;

Robert Dorr. Omaha World – Herald. Omaha, Neb.: Apr 11, 2001.
(Copyright 2001 Omaha World-Herald Company)
Lawrence E. King Jr., the main figure in the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Omaha more than a decade ago, has left prison and apparently is planning to live near Washington, D.C.
King was released from federal prison in Colorado on Tuesday after serving nearly 10 years of a 15-year sentence.
King, 56, plans to live in the eastern Virginia federal probation district, said Randy Tews, administrator of the Federal Prison Camp in Florence, Colo. That district includes several Washington suburbs.
The Washington area is familiar to King. It became his second home in the 1980s while he was running the now-defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in north Omaha.
King often traveled to Washington and stayed for days at a time, holding lavish parties at a house he rented for $5,000 a month just off Embassy Row. With the help of a Washington public relations agency, he succeeded in getting four grants of $100,000 each for north Omaha nonprofit groups from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where he had connections.
King was sentenced to 15 years in 1991 for crimes related to the embezzling of $39 million from Franklin.
King frittered away the money that he took from Franklin in a spree of extravagant living that lasted for years and ended with the credit union’s collapse. Federal officials involved in the case don’t think that King has any secret stashes of Franklin money.
King has declined an interview. He is the last of the Franklin scandal’s figures to be released from prison.
The U.S. Probation Office in Omaha won’t have any jurisdiction over King, Craig Saigh, chief U.S. probation officer in Nebraska, said Tuesday.
“He’s been released today but not to the district of Nebraska,” Saigh said.
King served the last four years of his sentence at the minimum- security Federal Prison Camp in Florence. He left the southern Colorado prison at 8:15 a.m. MDT, said Kenneth Burton, executive assistant to the warden.

So, like any good friend, Tom gives him a job some time after he gets out of jail at his BMW dealership. Due to the kind of trouble Larry got in, some folks got real upset when they found out he was connected to Children’s Charities, and so it’s now rumored that he perhaps still works as Tom Moorehead’s personal assistant. Why would they care if an embezzler was around kids? Read on..



He can be seen in this unpublished video for the BMW dealership at he 14 second mark.


Except of an article by Harrison Koehl

“Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.” That’s the truth, and if I’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s that truth is stranger than fiction, and even more disturbing.

While I’m a fan of Larsson’s work, and fiction in general, there’s something to be said about true accounts. They have a way of ‘seating’ in the mind, making what was at first only ‘interesting’ and perhaps ‘entertaining’ fiction become real: solid, vital, life-altering. Fiction gives us the truth, but at a distance. It’s up to the reader to divine the real-life applications and implications. But when they become clear, it can be a profound and painful experience. It’s all too easy to take the easy way out when that experience is just too painful, with the potential of shattering too many deeply held illusions about the way reality really works. “It’s just a story, after all.” Those six curiosity-killing words are enough to prevent a person from doing the research to see that there may be more to a story than just the product of a good imagination. There may be a disturbing underbelly to the surface events of everyday life. In my case, that’s where real-life investigative reporter Nick Bryant’s 2009 book The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal comes into the story. It’s the book that made a lot of things hit home for me, and it was absolutely devastating.

Bryant is a professional journalist, having published articles in many ‘mainstream’ newspapers and journals. But after deciding to research the infamous ‘Franklin scandal’ of the late ’80s and early ’90s, no mainstream editor would take his story. It was just too hard to believe. For those readers unfamiliar with the scandal, you can watch a never-aired documentary produced by UK-based Yorkshire Television titled Conspiracy of Silence. The documentary was commissioned by Discovery Channel, who pulled out at the last minute. Luckily, someone with access to a rough cut of the piece leaked it and Bryant has made it freely available on his website, here. The Franklin Scandal not only confirms what the Yorkshire team presented, but adds reams of new details and documents demonstrating a level of criminality, corruption, perversion of justice, and sadism that is simply mind-blowing.

The Franklin case broke when its namesake, the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, and its director, GOP ‘high-roller’ Lawrence E. King, were investigated for massive financial fraud. King was charged with 40 counts of embezzlement, fraud, and tax evasion – he stole a total of $40 million – to which he plead guilty. But the investigation soon turned up far more than financial crimes. King had been an ‘information specialist’ in Vietnam with access to top secret communications. After the war he cultivated relationships with friends in high places, like Washington and the FBI. And he surrounded himself with a cast of characters, many of whom, like King, had been and would be accused by numerous witnesses of sexual abuse, pedophilia, child trafficking, drug crimes, and murder. The accusations made his positions on the board of directors for Head Start, as president of the Girls Club and executive committee member of the Camp Fire Girls, as well as rumors of his involvement with Nebraska’s Boys Town, take on sinister connotations. There had long been rumors of King’s homosexuality – Bryant interviewed one ex-security guard who claimed one of his duties was to give King blow-jobs in his private bedroom in the basement of the credit union – and soon witnesses started coming forward with tales of sex parties, inter-state flights for the purpose of providing prepubescent children as prostitutes for pedophiles across the country, even a black market for the selling of children.

A special committee was set up to investigate the allegations. But it was doomed to fail. Despite the investigators’ best efforts, they were blocked at nearly every step of the way by witnesses who would turn up dead days before they were set to testify, death threats, ‘turned’ witnesses, incredulous officials, criminally unhelpful police, bought judges, bought lawyers, jury tampering, and a local press that seemed set on demonizing the investigation and victims and fully supporting the accused. It seemed that everyone – except the general public – was against them. Why that was becomes very clear when you realize who it was the victims were accusing of such crimes. Among those named in Bryant’s book as involved in the pedophile ring (only those whose names were brought up in the press and trials are explicitly identified) are local Omaha businessman and millionaire Alan Baer, Omaha Police Department chief Robert Wadman, Omaha World-Herald columnist Peter Citron, senator Eugene Mahoney (friend of the World-Herald’s Harold Anderson, who led the smear campaign against the Franklin investigators and witnesses), judge Theodore Carlson, congressman Barney Frank, CIA asset Craig Spence, a school systems administrator, and a DOJ official. In fact, during the course of the investigation Peter Citron would be arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation. Police also found a large cache of child pornography in his home and it was revealed he had a 25-year-long criminal history in different states for child molestation. What are the chances? On a related note, George H.W. Bush would later praise the World-Herald for their “journalistic integrity”, signalling out Harold Anderson (mentioned above) for praise. In other words, the perpetrators were so placed that they had the power to squash any investigation: the police department, justice department, media, and government.

Franklin Committee investigator, Gary Caradori.
While the victims and investigators were slandered in the press, that wasn’t all they had to endure, as alluded to above. Many witnesses wound up dead, as well as lead investigator Gary Caradori. Caradori’s is one of the most tragic stories in the whole affair. A gifted investigator, known for his integrity and good skill, Caradori was indispensable in cultivating sources, tracking down witnesses, and finding the dirt. On July 10, 1990, Caradori and his son were in Chicago, Caradori having piloted his private plane there ostensibly to attend the All-Star ball game. In fact, he had other reasons, for which the game served as a cover. He had tracked down a source with access to incriminating photographs of some of those accused (practically all witnesses said that their interactions – sexual acts, rape, torture – were photographed and/or videotaped), and he had told Paul Rodriguez, a Washington Times reporter who had been investigating similar activities in Washington, during which investigation Larry King’s name had repeatedly surfaced. Before their flight back that night, Gary had called his wife to let her know that the trip had been a success. He relayed a similar message to senator Loran Schmitt, chairman of the Franklin Committee, saying, “Loran, we got them by the short hairs.” The source had apparently been Rusty Nelson, one of the photographers who had admitted his involvement with the ring and who later told Bryant that he had been Caradori’s contact, and had in fact provided him with photos that night in Chicago. But tragedy struck that night on the flight back, when Caradori’s plane mysteriously broke apart in air, killing him and his son. The investigation found no evidence of foul play, despite the fact that the plane had obviously exploded in flight, the wreckage strewn across farmer Harold Cameron’s cornfield just outside of Aston, Illinois. Missing from the recovered wreckage was Caradori’s briefcase, which never left his side and in which he keep important documents relating to the case. With Caradori’s death, the message to those involved in the investigation became even clearer: no one was safe, and these people would stop at nothing to cover up their crimes.


WARNING: graphic sexual content
“Conspiracy of Silence” is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, “Conspiracy of Silence” reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians….Check this out! Satanic Ritual Abuse: http://mysticalmusingsandpolitics.blo…

Based on DeCamp’s book, The Franklin Cover-up, “Conspiracy of Silence” begins with the shut-down of Nebraska’s Franklin Community Federal Credit Union after a raid by federal agencies in November 1988 revealed that $40 million was missing. When the Nebraska legislature launched a probe into the affair, what initially looked like a financial swindle soon exploded into a startling tale of drugs, money laundering, and a nationwide child abuse ring. Nineteen months later, the legislative committee’s chief investigator died suddenly and violently, like more than a dozen other people linked to the Franklin case. This was supposed to air on Discovery but was halted.

This narrative by Charles Charles M. Young was written within the last couple years..

Recently, the country was stunned again by the Gerry Sandusky case at Penn State. LIke the Catholic Church, the Penn State football program was an unchallengeable, straight-arrow, totalitarian hierarchy that valued itself more than the lives of children who were being raped by an outrageously flamboyant pedophile. Outside of a few extreme Penn State football fans, nobody had a hard time seeing that something had gone terribly wrong, and that it had gone wrong for a long time because the victims had enormous difficulty coming forward and people in authority didn’t want to believe what was happening before their eyes.

But in Omaha during the first Bush presidency, with the nursery school scandals losing credibility around the country, almost the entire Omaha establishment closed ranks to discredit the accusers. By establishment, I mean the Omaha Police Department, Nebraska State Police, FBI, local and state judiciary, local and state and national media. Against them stood a few teenagers, most of them with drug problems, long rap sheets and traumatized brains. Their allies were some foster care supervisors and parents, plus a divided investigative committee in the Nebraska legislature. Under phenomenal pressure, the teenagers either retracted their testimony of sexual abuse or were crushed in court and sentenced to years in prison for perjury. Key figures in the case ended up dead in numbers that would astound any actuary but apparently interested no one in Omaha law enforcement.

I should also say that I’ve looked at Nick’s evidence, listened to interviews, sorted through 200 receipts for planes chartered by Larry King with five-to-eight unnamed passengers, and I’ve read the book carefully. I can think of no innocent explanation for why King would be flying children, some of them spirited out of the Catholic orphanage Boys Town, around the United States, mostly to Washington. I’ve listened to Nick at great length on the phone about all of this as he was reporting. I have listened to him in the immediate aftermath of strange phone calls and death threats over the years.

This isn’t “conspiracy theory.” It’s one of the best investigative books I’ve ever read. If it’s true, then there are significant elements in America’s ruling class that are depraved beyond Caligula’s dreams. And I don’t see how it isn’t true.

Parts of the The Franklin Scandal read like a great crime novel. Parts of it read like Nick was trying to build an impregnable legal fortress of fact to make his case stick, which can slow down the story a bit, but as the facts come together, it is staggering.

The book has two main heroes, Gary Caradori and Alisha Owen. An honored veteran of the Nebraska State Police and private detective, Caradori was chief investigator for the legislative committee. He tracked down Larry King’s reputed photographer in Chicago and flew his private plane there to retrieve incriminating photographs (pedophiles do love their porn). On his return flight, Caradori’s plane blew up in mid-air and the photographs were never found. The wreckage was spread over a wide area on a farm. The FAA was ruled that Caradori had lost control of his plane for an “unknown reason.”

Unlike most of the children who were abused during the scandal, Alisha Owen did not come from a massively dysfunctional family. Her parents were stable church-going Christians who happened to have energetic, rebellious teenagers. At the age of 14, she fell in with the wrong crowd, started going to Larry King’s parties, and later claimed that Robert Wadman, the Omaha chief of police, had raped and impregnated her and shoved the barrel of his gun up her vagina. She was put on trial for perjury.

Under enormous pressure from the media and law enforcement to recant, she refused. Friends who previously supported her story did recant and testified against her (and later recanted their recantations). Her younger brother, under arrest for joy riding in a stolen car, was found dead in his jail cell shortly before her trial. It was ruled a suicide despite indications of a beating before he ostensibly hanged himself. Nick makes a strong case that Owen’s lawyer, Pamela Vuchetich, was having an affair with the FBI agent, Mickey Mott, who appears to have been orchestrating Owen’s prosecution. Just before Owen’s trial, Vuchetich abandoned her client and started representing two key witnesses for the prosecution. This alone violated four or five of Owen’s constitutional rights. The account of the trial must be read to be grasped. Suffice it here to say that I didn’t think such a blatant kangaroo court was even possible in the United States, and none of the appeals went anywhere.

Owen did four years in prison for perjury. She has been a model citizen since her release and raised her daughter, who, I’m told, looks like Wadman.Still Evil After All These Years


Numerous conspiracy theories evolved and persist, claiming that the alleged abuse was part of a widespread series of crimes including devil worship, cannibalism, drug trafficking, CIA arms dealing and links with the first Bush Administration. It’s difficult to imagine that this occurred in America, and equally difficult to sift through a the ideas for the truth. I’m just posting what I have found and cannot attest to what really happened one way or the other. I have to say, listening to the victims voices… I believe them.

Things may get interesting, since the bikers are also planning a rally the same day in support of the American flag..
Biker Rally 10-10-15

The rally is hosted by the American Spirit Ride and rally Facebook page; this ride is the 9/11 ride into Washington D.C…
American Spirit Ride Page

The Defenders of Liberty Club was born of one the groups that splintered off of the original 2 mil ride on 9/11/13… They are a pretty hardcore bunch of patriot riders, dead set on saving America…

DOLMC websiteimage


More Sources about Franklin and King:

The story of the ‘Franklin Scandal’ begins with Lawrence E. King, one of the fastest rising Republican stars of the 1980’s.

Larry King, as he was known, was accused by seven children of child abuse and prostitution before he sang the National Anthem at the 1988 Republican National Convention but despite various petitions to local police and the FBI, no official investigations were ever undertaken.8 One of the allegations began from the serious abuse of children at the hands of Jarret and Barbara Webb, the former a member of the Franklin Credit Union board the latter a cousin of King, who adopted various foster children and would proceed to subject them to horrific physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The girls housed at the Webbs told of being taken to various parties in the Franklin area where Larry King and other important local figures sexually abused them. One of the girls, Eulice Washington, recalled being flown on King’s private jets to be abused across the country.

“Among the first accusers was Eulice Washington, who claimed King flew her to out-of-state pedophilic orgies. She had been adopted by relatives of King’s in the 1970s. Her new ‘mother’ was King’s cousin Barbara Webb, and her new ‘father’ was husband Jarrett Webb, who sat on the board of the Franklin Federal Credit Union. To Eulice Washington, King had been Uncle Larry. ‘Larry King set up the pedophile ring,’ says Eulice. ‘From my knowledge and from what I saw go down, he was the man who got it moving and rolling. Everything went through him. He loves boys. He loves them like he shouldn’t.’” – The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokes, Child Abuse and Betrayal

Despite Eulice passing various lie detector tests, charges were never pressed against the Webbs. The Foster Care Review Board was the first organization to come across various cases of abuse, from Eulice Washington and others. They wrote numerous letters to Nebraska’s Attorney General Robert Spire urging an investigation, but their pleas were ignored.

The FCRB testified to the State Legislature’s Investigative Executive Review Board Subcommittee in 1988 that:

FCRB Chairman Dennis Carlson: The nature of these allegations are something that is going to shock the Committee. They deal with cult activities… they deal with sexual abuse, and there’s a correlation between these two different reports. We have, the Boys’ Town report… prepared by a worker from Boys’ Town named Julie Walters… (which) contains the allegations of the children that were in the Webb foster home, Nelly primarily. Years later, well, two years later, we have Loretta Smith in Richard Young Hospital who’s making allegations against Larry King and as far as we know there is no relationship between Nelly and Loretta Smith… Both reports talk about the Omaha Girls Club, both reports mention a specific individual who is the superintendent of schools.

State Senator Remmers: The question that came into mind, it’s been in my mind since you’ve been testifying and I think you’ve answered part of it just now, is you’re talking about about these abuses from children from Boys’ Town and Girls’ Club and so forth, now is there a common thread that goes over here to the Credit Union deal that we are investigating? In other words to the Franklin Credit Union? Is there a common thread there that kind of leads to that?

FCRB Member Carol Stitt: Well, the common thread is Larry King.

Remmers: Yes, that’s what I mean. It all goes back to him? OK.

Stitt: Yes, he seems to be more the organizer, or the high-class pimp, I mean if that helps fit this together.11

Larry King would also be linked to embezzlement before he sang the National Anthem at the 1988 Republican National Convention, but again avoided an investigation. The facade unraveled in November 1988, when an IRS investigation revealed that King had stolen over $40 million from the coffers of the Franklin Federal Credit Union. The financial corruption alone shocked the city, but soon reports started circulating that in addition to various fraudulent accounting documents, investigators found a huge stash of child pornography as well.

More rumors of sexual abuse began to arise, with multiple allegations that Larry King was using children from Boys Town, the nearby Catholic charitable institution for orphaned youth. His yellow sports car was notorious on the Boys Town campus, where he would drive around and pick up minors for his pedophilic activities. The Catholic management denied any connection to King, but financial records showed that Boys Town had a close-knit relationship to the Franklin Federal Credit Union. Federal and local authorities immediately moved to close the investigation and seal evidence, claiming that allegations of child abuse were unfounded.

The authorities backtracked and stated that they had done everything in their power to investigate these claims. Attorney General Robert Spire said: “We did receive some sensitive information in July. My office acted promptly and professionally and nothing was sat on.” However, it would later be revealed that no authorities ever interviewed Eulice Washington and other children noted by the FCRB until 3 years later after they made their report public. Despite this, Omaha Chief of Police Robert Wadman stated to the press that “Every step that should have been taken, was taken.”nHowever, Wadman would later confess that he had never contacted Eulice Washington, one of the children abused at the hands of Webb, nor the Child Protective Services department that handled Washington’s claims.18 Wadman would later be identified as a child abuser at King’s parties by four different victims.

Obstruction, Threats and Murder

In an early police investigation, low level police officers attempted to keep their inquiries a secret from Wadman, seemingly knowing that he would be adamant about shutting down their investigation. Nebraska Foster Care Review Board official Dennis Carlson related Omaha Police Officer Carmean’s testimony to the Legislature’s Executive Board hearing:

“[Officer Carmean] told me some things which I found to be somewhat startling. I asked if he was interested in information regarding Larry King and he said, yes we are, we’re conducting what he called a supersensitive investigation of Larry King and he said this investigation was so supersensitive that they were not even using the steno pool in the Omaha Police Department. They were handwriting their police reports, and he also told me that Chief Wadman had come to their unit and directly asked if they were investigating Larry King…. Investigator Carmean told me, we lied to the Chief and we said, no, we are not investigating Larry King. OK, so that conversation took place on July 20th of 1988”

Shortly afterword, Officer Carmean was transferred out of the Robbery and Sex unit and the investigation stalled. On July 5, 1989, in a lengthy “Inter-Office Communication” to Omaha Public Safety Director Pitmon Foxall (a cousin of Larry King), Wadman announced that Carmean needed a mental health evaluation.

Many were not convinced of the Police Department’s conclusion that there was no substance to the abuse allegations, including a group of 12 State Senators who decided to create their own parallel commission to investigate the charges, lead by Senator Loran Schmit. Following the money trail, Schmit and his team quickly found that it could be traced directly to the sex parties and child abuse. It became clear to Schmit that he was uncovering some serious ‘dirty laundry’:

“I received a phone call on the floor of the legislature. The caller would not identify himself, but he said, Loren, you do not want to have an investigation of the Franklin Federal Credit Union, and I asked, who am I speaking to? And they said, that doesn’t matter, but you shouldn’t have that investigation. And I said, well, why not? And he said, it will reach to the highest levels of the republican party, and we’re both good republicans.” – Loran Shmit

Schmit wasn’t the only one to receive threats. The lead investigator of the State Senator’s Committee, Gary Caradori, had also specified that he had received a series of threats, such as obvious tampering with his vehicle, as to send a message. In early July 1990, Caradori made a trip to Chicago to meet with a secret informant who had evidence which would ‘blow the lid’ off the case, and reportedly confided to a friend that he was one step ahead of those who wanted to squash the investigation, saying that if ‘they’ knew what information he had, he would be killed.

Upon returning from Chicago, Caradori’s plane crashed, killing him and his son. The National Transportation Safety Board investigation found that the wreckage was scattered over a radius between 3/4 to 1 mile, indicating without a doubt that the plane broke up in the air, instead of upon impact. Certain items were missing from the crash, most notably Caradori’s briefcase. Within 24 hours, all of the evidence was collected by the FBI and sealed.

The Paul Bonacci Trial

What information was so important that the pedophile network would kill the lead investigator in what looked like a blatant assassination? It turns out he was meeting with Russell ‘Rusty’ Nelson, a photographer for Larry King, who attended King’s parties with the intention of photographing powerful men in compromising positions with minors, in order to blackmail them later.

Like Craig Spence, King was known to throw lavish parties for the Republican elite, with underage prostitutes allegedly in attendance. Rusty Nelson was in hiding for an entire decade after the Franklin Scandal broke but ended his silence under oath during a court hearing in 1999, in order to ‘set the record straight’. He revealed that he had a very close relationship with King and kept hundreds of thousands of photographs of King’s business dealings and parties in various locations. Most of the evidence had been confiscated, and more had been destroyed in Gary Caradori’s plane crash.

Rusty’s testimony to the District Court was very interesting. Among other events, he revealed that he personally saw Larry King place a direct call to then-president Ronald Reagan when other associates could not resolve a specific problem. He also claimed to have seen and taken pictures of the Chief of Police of Omaha Robert Wadman at various parties, engaged in various sexual acts with minors, and had once seen Wadman accept a large envelope full of bearer bonds from King. While most of Rusty’s evidence was confiscated, he was able to provide the court with photographs that corroborated his close relationship to King, such as photographs of King inside his private jet and limousine, and alongside male strippers.

The District Court hearing was not about Rusty Nelson, but rather for compensation for one of the victims, Paul Bonacci, who had first made accusations of abuse against Larry King in 1986, two years before there was even a Franklin Scandal. The testimony given was so convincing that the judge awarded Bonacci with $1 million. The plan was to donate the proceeds to charitable organizations dealing with child abuse, but King has never paid. Paul Bonacci suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, a diagnosis confirmed by three different state-appointed psychiatrists, from extreme abuse he had received beginning at the age of 3. At the age of 8, he became associated with Larry King and began attending his parties as a child prostitute.

The type of abuse Bonacci underwent at the hands of Larry King is shocking:

Bonacci: “They put guns up to my head, they put guns in my mouth… Larry King sent out boys, men, to jump me, he had them pretty well beat the tar out of me from the waist down so no one would see the marks, i had my fingers broken… I can remember them burning me with hot instruments… placing stuff inside me… almost what I would call a cattle prod”

Judge Urbom “Done by Larry King at his direction?”

Bonacci: “At his direction.”

Later on in the trial he would claim:

“If they wanted to get something passed in the legislature, he would put some people that were against it in a compromising position, by using us boys and girls.”

One of the men in Washington that Paul Bonacci claimed abused him is Democratic Senator Barney Frank. Bonacci was also taken on the very same midnight tours of the White House hosted by Craig Spence that journalist Paul Rodriguez wrote about in the Washington Times, as a child. He claimed that immediately after the tours of the White House, he was taken to another place to be sexually abused.

The Grand Jury Coverup

Before his untimely death, Gary Caradori had compiled a leads list of 271 victims of sexual abuse in the Franklin area, though his death precluded interviewing most, and others recanted their stories under pressure from Federal authorities, often accompanied by the threat of jail time for perjury. Along with Paul Bonacci, the investigation proceeded with three other primary witnesses, Troy Boner, Danny King (no relation to Larry), and Alisha Owens.

Both Boner and Owens recounted tales, after passing multiple state-sponsored lie detector tests,29 of attending hundreds of parties hosted by Larry King where they were abused by King and other prominent men in Lincoln and Omaha. The three would repeatedly corroborate each other in interviews taken under oath by Gary Caradori, initially without knowledge of each others participation in the investigation. Most of the victims claimed that they were used to transport drugs across state lines, at the demand of Larry King and Alan Baer, a prominent Omaha millionaire.

Gary Caradori once followed a lead of Alisha Owens where she claimed that she was often abused at The French Café in Omaha. He talked to the former manager on the telephone, Sheila McGuire, who told Gary that:

“We had parties in my apartment above the French Cafe. Larry King would wine and dine potential investors downstairs at the Cafe. When the French Cafe closed about 1 AM, King and his man called Parking Lot Bob-who worked for him (and was our coke connection)-would bring people upstairs to my place. If Larry King investors wanted drugs, booze, children or hookers (male or female) we’d get them. While these guests of Kings took their pleasures-with the kids or whoever-King would sit and watch- while he drank, did coke and played with his young boys….

One time, when this guy Irv from NYC wanted Sandra who was about 12 or 13 years old and getting her 1st period, Larry intervened when Sandra refused. King pulled out a roll of $100.00 bills and gave Sandra 5 of them. King then pulled out a small gram of coke and gave that to Sandra. Sandra finally agreed and went off to bed with Irv. King took good care of the local and out of town high rollers. If you had the money to invest at Franklin, King would cater to your most deranged perversion.

And, let me tell you another thing. The boys in the board rooms around Omaha are shitting in their Brogans. If this case gets cracked open the list of involved will read like Who’s Who. King and his crew have ruined a lot of childrens’ lives.”

The New York Times confirmed that both Federal and State investigators were given thousands of files regarding sexual abuse from children and testimonies from people involved in the foster care and education system. What happened next is amazing. Instead of indictments of the accused perpetrators to develop cases against them, both Douglas County and Federal Grand Juries ordered the thousands of files to be sealed, declined to interview dozens of witnesses, and then brought charges of perjury against Alisha Owens.

Alicia Owens Interview
Both Grand Juries concluded that Troy Boner and Alisha Owens had indeed been abused, but claimed that the adults they testified against were innocent! Alisha Owens was later found guilty of perjury, and sentenced to between 9 and 15 years. She ended up spending two years in solitary confinement, more than any other woman in Nebraska history, and a clear message to other victims: Stay silent.

This is unprecedented, probably in the history of the United States. If the children are not telling the truth, particularly if they have been abused, they need help, medical attention. You don’t throw them in jail!” – Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, a lawyer, psychiatrist and nationally prominent specialist on child abuse, during her visit to Nebraska in December 1990.

On the same day that Alisha Owens was convicted of perjury, the charges against Paul Bonacci, who told a very similar story, were dropped.36 Perhaps they did not want certain testimony to come to trial, such as Bonacci’s claim that Larry King would send limousines to Offut Air Force Base and pick up CIA agents for his parties.

The Grand Jury trial was a mockery of justice, where the state-appointed attorney Samuel Van Pelt vigorously attacked the charges and mocked the allegations of the defendants. It has to be noted that a Grand Jury is a special type of proceeding where the attorney chooses all of the witnesses and what evidence is presented; there is no presentation of the defense or cross examination. A former Chief Judge of New York State once quipped that a special prosecutor could persuade a grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich.”


There are shocking irregularities with the Grand Jury proceedings. First, it never called Larry King to testify. In fact, the evidence of child abuse and child pornography has never been presented against King in any court of law. One member of the Douglas County Grand Jury claimed that the Van Pelt helped write the final report, which is illegal. The report contained some very peculiar statements, such as “children do have the right to expect that if they exhibit reasonable behavior, they will not be abused.” (Emphasis added). It also contained blatant lies, such as the claim that Paul Bonacci’s doctor said that Bonacci was not capable of the truth, even though not only was the doctor not called to testify, he said elsewhere that he believed Bonacci’s story.

Owen’s attorney, Henry Rosenthal, found that the evidence shown to the Grand Jury was deliberately tampered with. The video testimony taken by Gary Caradori was edited to remove sections where Troy Boner and Alisha Owens corroborated each others claims.40 The lawyer representing originally Owens, Boner and (Danny) King originally claimed to have had over 100 clients who had suffered sexual abuse in relation to King and Boys Town, but then later claimed that their testimonies were all fabrications, only months before admitting she had an affair with an FBI agent who had bullied Troy Boner into temporarily recanting his testimony.

There is also the curious trend of upward mobility for a group of men who were instrumental in rigging the Grand Juries:

US Magistrate Richard Kopf, who deposited Lawrence King in a federal psychiatric hospital so he wouldn’t have to appear before the grand juries, and signed off on the FBI’s federal search warrant of Alisha Owen’s prison cell, is now a US District Court Judge.

Thomas Thalken, Assistant US Attorney for District of Nebraska, who prosecuted the federal grand jury in Nebraska is now a US Magistrate.

Gerald Moran, who was the Douglas County Deputy Attorney who prosecuted the Alisha Owen trial. is now a Douglas County District Judge.

Robert Sigler, who was the Douglas County Deputy Attorney who prosecuted Alisha Owen throughout her multiple appeals, is now an Assistant US Attorney for the District of Nebraska.

Troy Boner

Troy Boner had recounted his testimony during this period, after receiving threats that he himself would become the victim of perjury charges. However, in 1993 he submitted an affidavit detailing his intimidation and stating unequivocally that his testimony as well as those of his peers were truthful.

I lied because I truly believed and still do believe that it was a situation where I must either ‘…lie or die’ and at the insistence primarily of the Federal Bureau of Investigation officials who were dealing with me at that time…” – Troy Boner’s Affidavit

Boner repeated the allegations that the Chief of Police Robert Wadmann and the Omaha Herald editor Harold Andersen were primary players in his abuse and the abuse of his peers. He recounts the various tactics the FBI used in his intimidation, including alluding to harm that may come about to a family member if he persisted in telling his story. Shortly after these threats, Troy’s brother Shawn was found dead from a gunshot wound. The official story was a game of Russian Roulette. Troy cites this as a primary motivating factor in coming forward with the truth in his affidavit.

But, maybe the most important thing any honest investigator should do is to ask me, Troy Boner, or any of the other kids such as Alisha or Paul Bonacci, to take polygraph, lie detector tests SIDE BY SIDE ON THE SAME QUESTIONS WITH THE PEOPLE WITH THE PEOPLE WE ARE ACCUSING OF THESE THINGS. Example, ask Alan Baer if he shot mainline drugs into me and if he is a major drug dealer and if he had sex with me. Ask Eugene Mahoney if he met me at a bookstore in Council Bluffs and used to regularly pay me to have sex with him as a boy. Ask [redacted] to take a polygraph test on whether he is a big time drug dealer.” – Troy Boner’s Affidavit (Emphasis retained)

The polygraph tests never happened. In 2004, Troy Boner entered an Omaha hospital visibly shaken and adamant that he was being targeted because of his testimony. The next day, he was found in a hospital room dead, drugged and beaten. The timing might be related to the reelection campaign of George W. Bush, who multiple victims claimed had attended Larry King’s parties. Troy would round out a ‘suspicious death’ list that had recently reached 15 names, including:

Troy Boner

Shawn Boner, Troy’s brother, found shot in the head shortly after Troy was to testify before court. The official explanation of his death was ruled to be a game of ‘Russian roulette’.

Bill Baker, associate of Larry King and alleged to be involved in the production of child pornography.

Gary Caradori and his eight year old son, Andrew, killed in a plane crash.

Newt Copple, a primary informant of Caradori, was 70 when he ‘died in his sleep’ but exhibited no health problems before his death.

Clare Howard, the secretary of Alan Baer, the wealthy Omaha businessman who was alleged to be a prime member of the child abuse ring. Also ‘died in her sleep.’

Mike Lewis, former caregiver of victim-witness Loretta Smith. Death attributed to ‘severe diabetic reaction’ at the age of 32.

Joe Malek, associate of King, died from a gunshot which was ruled a suicide.

Aaron Owen, the brother of victim-witness Alisha Owen, died in his jail cell hours before Alisha was supposed to testify, ruled a suicide.

Charlie Rodgers, alleged sexual partner of Larry King, died of a shotgun wound to the head, ruled a suicide.

Bill Skoleski, Omaha police officer said to be secretly keeping a file on Larry King, died of a heart attack.

Kathleen Sorenson, foster parent of children who had escaped the Webb family, and outspoken activist on raising awareness of the abuse of the children she cared for.

Curtis Tucker, an associate of Larry King, who allegedly jumped out the window of a Holiday Inn in Omaha.

Harmon Tucker, a school superintendent in Omaha.

Conspiracy of Silence

In 1993, a television station in Yorkshire, England traveled to Franklin to uncover the truth about the tale of child abuse in Franklin, working in tandem with the Discovery Channel. It was called “Conspiracy of Silence” and the very day it was set to air, it was pulled. No explanation has ever been given, though there are rumors that an anonymous person paid the Discovery Channel $500,000 to revoke the television rights to the film. It would only be unofficially released two years later, when someone who helped produce the video and felt it was so important it needed to be public, leaked a rough draft from the copy room to attorney and former State Senator John DeCamp. It is now widely available for viewing online.

Overall, eight high profile Omaha figures would be accused of sexual assault, with testimonies corroborated between victims. They were:

Larry King

Robert Wadman, Omaha Chief of Police

Harold Anderson, recently retired Editor of the Omaha World-Herald

Alan Baer, wealthy businessman

Deward Finch, Superintendent of schools.

Peter Citron, media personality

Judge Theodore Carson

PJ Morgan, Mayor of Omaha

Of these men, only one would be convicted of child abuse, Peter Citron, on an unrelated breakout of pedophilia claims which launched a separate investigation. Before the allegations leading to Citron’s arrest broke, he was threatening to sue John DeCamp for naming him as a child abuser in a memo sent to the Omaha press.

How could such a massive and orchestrated coverup take place? It involved the FBI withholding all sensitive files, including explicit videos and pictures of the relationships between King and his associates and young children. It involved a campaign of denial by the Omaha Police Department, who’s chief was a primary member of the child abuse ring, and a disinformation campaign by Nebraska’s media, who also had important members implicated in the ring. It involved zealous FBI agents who were self-expressed ‘good friends’ with Robert Wadman. And it involved a campaign of suspicious deaths designed to silence testimony. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it involved an American public unwilling to believe that powerful men could be implicated in child abuse, child prostitution and drug running.


A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal
By Nick Bryant

A chilling exposé of corporate corruption and government cover-ups, this account of a nationwide child-trafficking and pedophilia ring in the United States tells a sordid tale of corruption in high places. The scandal originally surfaced during an investigation into Omaha, Nebraska’s failed Franklin Federal Credit Union and took the author beyond the Midwest and ultimately to Washington, DC. Implicating businessmen, senators, major media corporations, the CIA, and even the venerable Boys Town organization, this extensively researched report includes firsthand interviews with key witnesses and explores a controversy that has received scant media attention.

The FRANKLIN SCANDAL is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of Republican powerbrokers who used Boys Town as a pedophiliac reservoir, had access to the highest levels of our government, and connections to the CIA.

Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks, so a rash of deaths and a full court press by federal and local law enforcement effected an immaculate cover-up.

State and federal grand juries in Nebraska and a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia played an integral role in the cover-up, and the author has had access to thousands of documents that would ultimately be sealed by the two grand juries. My documentation includes Omaha Police Department reports and internal memos, Nebraska State Patrol reports, Nebraska Department of Social Services reports, internal Boys Town reports, victim debriefings, hundreds of the ring’s airline receipts, etc.

The power elite sating their appetite for forbidden fruit via pedophilia and pedophiliac sadism is an evil that dates back millennia: Roman emperor Tiberius reportedly indulged in pedophilia and then murdered his victims. Moreover, pedophile rings linked to the powerful have recently been exposed in Belgium, Portugal, Chile, and Mexico.

The FRANKLIN SCANDAL will be the first commercially-published book to tell the tale of a power elite pedophile ring in the U.S. and also of the cover-up of its heinous crimes. Various news organizations have attempted to break aspects of this story, but the reports have either been ignored or mysteriously shelved. Major news agencies, including ABC, have backed away from pursuing this story; conversely, CBS abetted its cover-up. It’s obvious that very powerful people have a vested interest in safeguarding this secret.

Nick Bryant’s writing has recurrently focused on the plight of disadvantaged children in the United States, and he’s been published in numerous national journals, including the Journal of Professional Ethics, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Journal of Social Distress and Homelessness, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, and Journal of School Health. He has also published a book, America’s Children: Triumph of Tragedy, addressing the medical and developmental problems of lower socioeconomic children in America. His mainstream and investigative journalism has appeared in The Twin Cities Reader,, Gear, and Playboy.

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