stanky ass people

The entire human race is on a steady crusade to completely eradicate the structural subtle nuances that separate us from other living creatures. If you stand and watch a crowd, it becomes a circus of stupidity. Everyone is just too much too much. Young girls no longer dress kinda sexy. Now they have to have their ass cheeks hanging out and no bra and giant hair and more make up than Gene Simmons. Or what used to be the skaters or beatniks or grunge kids, depending how old you are,.. they now look like something out of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Old ladies all have decided to be cougars with fake boobs and turkey necks in leopard print and fuck me heels.. young girls walk around in pajamas and crocs and doodoo ball hair.. We are on a steady downhill plunge toward the total annihilation of any type of class whatsoever. Humans are gross and seem to be much more open with it than usual. I miss the days when big women wore caftans or loose fitting clothing.. I am sick of seeing a muffin top under a baby doll t-shirt over a pair of Miss Mes that are screaming for help, sportng a camel toe where one could park a Buick Skylark. Then there are the bone thin one chewing their jaws and twitching their fingers and looking around suspiciously from hollowed out eyes.. so yea, THAT’S a nice attractive healthy meth pallor you chicks got goin’ on there… Men are walking around looking stanky too. Either their pants are sagging and their baseball caps are shaped stupid or else they look like they haven’t changed their styles since their mom bought their clothes for seventh grade. And when did camouflage become acceptable attire for all public occasions? What is going on with people? Does nobody CARE how they look anymore? Why is mankind as a whole just diving head first into the swineliness of the masses, wallowing about in graceless glee in their slovenly lifestyles?  I would not be surprised if the entire world turns into grotesque neanderthals with iphones. “Who has time for a bath?! I need to finish this level of Angry Birds!” “So what if one could braid my armpit hair… I am kicking ass on Candy Crush!” Wake up and clean up your nasty selves, people. seriously.


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